Marilyn Monroe and the science of the ‘little extra something’

On an otherwise normal afternoon in 1955 Robert Stein, a young editor at Redbook magazine, sat at a table in the Gladstone Hotel in Manhattan, slamming rounds of scotch in rapid succession and fighting back a rising swell of panic. He had bitten off far more than he could chew…

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I’m loving the new layout but there’s a problem

The new layout for Medium went live today. I like it, a lot. I’ve been concerned for a while about how stories get buried in authors’ profiles, and I was hoping that at some point Medium would structure things so that interested readers could browse through authors’ back-catalogs quickly. …

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Hopeful signs from South Africa

The early rumblings about the Omicron variant left the world in a state of uncertainty. Most of the important questions that we had when we first started to hear about Omicron were not possible to answer without more information—how fast would it spread? How many people would it kill? How…

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This month’s news; kickers, demonetization, and a whole lot of stories

Hello, readers!

It is the end of December. This month has brought about some interesting changes. I mentioned in my last letter that I would be crossing the border into Mexico and starting my travels around the world. It happened later than I anticipated — I didn’t make my crossing…

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You are not alone if the big changes terrify you

5:00 pm, December 9th, 2021

It is a rainy night. The surface of the highway, visible through the gentle haze of rain outside of the bus window, glows faintly with the reflected red of a thousand brake lights. I am mostly alone. The other passengers on the bus, like me, are either absorbed in their…

James Horton

Social scientist, world traveller, and writer. I try to capture life as it is lived.

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